A simple formula: The more glucose (sugar), the more energy for cells – normal and cancerous – to utilize. And because cancer cells tend to grow rapidly, they require more energy to do so. More sugar = more energy-so more growth.  Read more from To Your Health Newsletter! click here for more            …Continue Reading

Time for Chiropractic!!

                                          From To Your Health Newsletter October 24, 2017 According to the 2017 Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Annual Study of Americans, pain is an ongoing issue for many Americans, particularly neck and back pain (two…Continue Reading


Local chiropractors will be collecting school supplies for LCPS.  Our office is participating and we ask you bring supplies to our office.  We have a drop off container in the foyer too.  Best to you all for the new school year.Continue Reading

Beating Back Pain: Get Moving

From the editorial staff of To Your Health Newsletter: Back pain is bothersome enough when it only lasts a short time; when it keeps coming back or doesn’t ever really go away, it can change your life. Of course, that’s where spinal adjustments provided by your chiropractor can help, both to deal with the initial pain and…Continue Reading


We have known alternative therapies to pain medications is the answer for treating so many conditions.  It has taken the current Opioid crisis for the recognition that these powerful medications can cause harm if used incorrectly. The FDA is currently working on how to inform physicians about alternative treatments . Treatment begins with the correct…Continue Reading

Didn’t we know this already?!

The NY  Times published a research notation about the benefits of spinal manipulations and other non-invasive treatments. Written by a medical physician Dr. Carroll, the main take away is –Dr. Carroll feels he may have been mistaken.  His mistake was not considering a referral for a spinal manipulation to treat back pain.  He points out…Continue Reading


Check out this article in To Your Health News letter! http://www.toyourhealth.com/newsletter/TYH/newsletter.php Great insert to read.  This is a sample of our newsletter we will be subscribing to and sharing with our patients. Take a look at the link and see the other interesting articles about health and new research. Come for first time care or a…Continue Reading

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