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Raise Your Hand If You Have Back Pain–KIDS & CHIROPRACTIC

The editorial staff of To Your Health,  (MPA media publication)

“As adults, we get used to a variety of daily or near-daily aches and pains, particularly as we age. But what about our children? Don’t they seem immune to many, if not all, of the pain complaints we have – despite the fact that for the most part, they’re exponentially more active?

Maybe not. A study of schoolchildren ages 12-15 revealed a startling statistic: More than half (57 percent) reported experiencing back pain in the past year. As you might expect, “remaining seated at school” was a primary pain trigger, particularly for back pain lasting up to seven days.”

My 4 sons have had chiropractic care since they were born.  All have participated in sports in organized teams, hiking, rowing, and running.  They have also sat through many hours of school and found it harder to sit for hours than get up and move or exercise.  Chiropractic care combined with posture exercises have helped them maintain their active lifestyle and….avoid back pain from long periods of sitting.  NIH study

see article here

Beating Back Pain: Get Moving

From the editorial staff of To Your Health Newsletter: Back pain is bothersome enough when it only lasts a short time; when it keeps coming back or doesn’t ever really go away, it can change your life. Of course, that’s where spinal adjustments provided by your chiropractor can help, both to deal with the initial pain and…Continue Reading


We have known alternative therapies to pain medications is the answer for treating so many conditions.  It has taken the current Opioid crisis for the recognition that these powerful medications can cause harm if used incorrectly. The FDA is currently working on how to inform physicians about alternative treatments . Treatment begins with the correct…Continue Reading

Didn’t we know this already?!

The NY  Times published a research notation about the benefits of spinal manipulations and other non-invasive treatments. Written by a medical physician Dr. Carroll, the main take away is –Dr. Carroll feels he may have been mistaken.  His mistake was not considering a referral for a spinal manipulation to treat back pain.  He points out…Continue Reading


Check out this article in To Your Health News letter! Great insert to read.  This is a sample of our newsletter we will be subscribing to and sharing with our patients. Take a look at the link and see the other interesting articles about health and new research. Come for first time care or a…Continue Reading

Summer Heat

The summer heat is here!  Be cautious in the heat.  Stay in the shade and limit your time outdoors.  How do I know if I am hydrated?  What do I look for?  Keep in mind the very first step towards dehydration is that you are thirsty.  We know headaches, going from sweating to dry skin, red hot skin,…Continue Reading

Concussion Update

Dr. Cypher attended the INOVA Concussion: 2016 Updates on Assessment and Management this past week. The continuing education event was sponsored by Inova Neuroscience and Spine Institute and was held at the Lansdowne Campus of INOVA. Topics included epidemiology, pediatric concussion assessment, evaluation, and management. An interesting session included the effects of exercise post concussion…Continue Reading


STRESS!!! This weekend, high-school students experienced the new SAT. Is your son or daughter feeling the stress? How much do they feel is “riding” on their scores? How can they fit everything into their schedule? They can define the fight or flight response, but do they picture their own body experiencing this on daily basis? Stress can…Continue Reading

Heart Month! My Dog, Wilbur, helps me exercise!

February is Heart Month.  We celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it is also a time to be aware of the needs of our physical heart.   We need to maintain activity throughout our lives. If it’s been awhile, begin slow with walking.   Consult your provider and maintain your chiropractic visits to help keep muscle soreness…Continue Reading

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